Actor’s Etiquette: Props

etiquette (1)If you have stage business involving props, ask your director or stage manager to provide rehearsal props.  If they don’t, bring something in yourself that will allow you to get familiar with the timing, etc., involved in the business.

If you are using props provided by the theater, respect them.  They are tools of the trade, not toys.  Handling them needlessly increases the probability that they will get broken, creating more work for someone (probably not you).  Use them in the context of the play, but that’s all.

Make sure you know where to get your props from and where to return them when you are finished with them.

Don’t touch anything on the prop table unless it is your personal prop and you need to bring it on stage with you.  The backstage crew has put things where they are for a reason.  If you have a problem with a prop’s location, have a conversation with the stage manager.

Check your props when you first get to the theater and before you begin putting on your costume and make-up, so you’re sure it’s done before the house opens.  Check both your onstage (set) and offstage (hand) props.

If something is damaged when you are using it, bring it to the stage manager’s attention as soon as you can, so it can be fixed or replaced.


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