Creative Blocking

Good blocking that keeps the audience interested, maximizes the fun, and improves the storytelling can be so hard to find.  Yet it’s the simplest way to make dramatic improvements in both the quality of the acting and the audience’s enjoyment of the production as a whole.  I show you how it’s done.  This workshop is aimed at both directors and actors.

The stage directions in the script are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blocking a play.   All comedy is physical, and most dramatic moments usually are physical as well.  We’ll discuss the difference between movement and activities; how to mine the script for hidden opportunities to add movement; how to heighten dramatic impact with your blocking; why blocking is not just for blocking rehearsals; and how to help your actors discover better performances through movement.

There are two ways to approach this material.  In a lecture format, it’s 90 minutes long, which includes a few short demonstrations involving the participants, but if you’ve got the time to add a practical exercise for everyone (in pairs), it’s a 2 to 3 hour format, depending on the number of participants.


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