Spacious Acting™

Intrigued by my ideas?  Want to jump start your own use of them?  Want to experience what it feels like when you’re working correctly?  Want to be certain that you ARE working correctly?

You can!

mountaintop1I give a traveling weekend intensive acting workshop called (oddly enough!) Spacious Acting™.  I’ll come to your theater or school, and beginning Friday night and ending Sunday afternoon, up to 12 actors get 15 hours of exercises, instruction, and scene work for a surprisingly affordable price.

And oh — by the way? — it’s also a heck of a lot of fun!

What is Spacious Acting™?

Spacious Acting™ is using time and motion to create the powerful moments on stage that shake an audience’s soul.  Time and motion are incredibly simple tools that unlock the gate to your inner emotional life, and yet these tools are regularly avoided by untrained actors.  Why?  Fear and misunderstanding, largely.

So I take your hand and walk you through the fear to discover for yourself how expansive your acting becomes when you make room for yourself onstage.  In one weekend, I can give you experiences as an actor that will set you on an entirely new course.  You’ll still have work to do, but by Sunday night, you’ll be certain that you’re on the right path!

Along the way, I’ll bust up myths you may not even realize you put stock in.  I’ll show you how you gravitate toward descriptive (adjectives) and away from active (verb) words, and what it really means to play verbs (most people find the shift challenging.)  You’ll experience what it’s like to really connect with another actor on stage.

For a rundown of what happens during the weekend, go here.  For why it’s worth your time and money, go here.  For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, go here.


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