“Plugging In” on Stage

Really connecting with the other actors in the scene, receiving what they “send” you and reacting to it and ONLY it, is some of the hardest stuff we do as actors.  It’s the stuff that slays an audience.  You can’t be a great actor unless you can do it.

It’s almost impossible to learn to do it without someone catching you doing it right.  We all need someone to point out the difference between that wonderful moment when two human being connect and magical stuff happens and the moment when you might as well be in a closet by yourself for all that the other actors on stage matter to you.

This workshop is the most hands-on of them all.  All we do is scene work:  running the scene, identifying the moments when connection isn’t happening, and fixing them.  Over and over and over.  By the end of the workshop, you’ll find that a whole new world has opened up to you.

It can be done in two hours.  Three hours is even better.  Four hours is better still, especially if you’ve got a large group.  But if time is a consideration, two hours will give you the experience.  Four hours starts to give you ownership.  Let’s talk.

For more information or to arrange a “Plugging in” on Stage workshop for your group, email me at scenestudystx@gmail.com.


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