For Directors Only: Pre-Production Essentials

What does a director do?  A lot more than most actors realize!  One thing beginning directors don’t typically understand is that good directors don’t show up for auditions just having read the script a few times.  Effectively using the months before you enter rehearsals means a stronger production and less stress for you.

In this 90 minute discussion, we cover

  • Identifying the playwright’s intention, choosing the proper tone, and melding those two things into your vision for the production. What is your responsibility to the playwright?
  • Evaluating/understanding your characters and exploring creative casting opportunities.
  • Technical design: how to carry the play’s tone into set, costume, lighting, and sound choices.
  • Preparing the rehearsal and production schedules.
  • Solving the play’s biggest challenges before you get into rehearsals.
  • Understanding your own limitations and outsourcing those needs.
  • Your responsibilities to your actors.

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