… and Why Take It

Why should my group take the Spacious Acting™ Weekend Intensive, rather than another acting workshop?

It’s convenient.  No need to travel or take time off from work.  I come to you.

It’s cost-effective.  No other acting program charges such a low hourly rate.  And since I’m the one doing the traveling, it keeps the cost to you as low as possible.

It’s small.  I limit the workshop to 12 people to ensure that everyone gets adequate personal attention.

It’s focused.  While we cover a number of important topics, we do so in a subtle, focused way that provides for meaningful learning without making you feel overwhelmed.

It’s experiential.  It’s not about information.  You can get that from the blog.  It’s about experiencing what I’m talking about in a way that is so significant that it will dramatically shift your perspective on acting and set you on a different track.  Once you’re on that track, you’ll receive future information in an entirely new and more productive way.

It’s neither too advanced nor too basic.  Most acting workshops assume a certain level of expertise or experience, and beginners don’t get much out of them.  If you have plenty of experience but are lacking a technically sound foundation, you won’t get as much out of them as you think you will, either  They feel good in the moment, but don’t give you anything that you can carry much beyond the weekend.

Actors love to skip technique and move to scene study, when it’s technique classes we really need.  If you have experience and talent, you’re apt to say, “I don’t need technique classes.  I’m good enough to just work on scenes.” You believe that until you finally study technique and say, “Oh my gosh.  I had no idea I was missing all of this!”

I use scene study to teach technique. which makes the weekend fun while still giving you the really important stuff. With the exception of the “Meet Your Feelings” exercise, everything we do works with published scripts.

The workshop allows each actor, no matter where they are on their personal “acting continuum”, to make tangible progress with the conceptual stuff.  It’s not about producing a terrific scene by the end of the weekend.  It’s about learning technique you can use repeatedly in future productions so that your public performances will be better.

It gives you ownership.  Beware of anyone who says they can teach you to act.  Teachers are merely guides.  My job is to help you discover how to be the best actor you can.  I create circumstances that allow you to do some good acting, no matter who you are.  I give you feedback so you know exactly when it’s happening, and more importantly, why it’s happening.  I help you understand what you’re doing when it isn’t happening – how you are getting in your own way.  I also show you what you can do after you leave me to make continued discoveries about your abilities.

It’s fun.  There is always a lot of laughter in my classes!

For an outline of the weekend’s content, go here.  For Frequently Asked Questions, go here.


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